Cookie Notice

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of data, a text file with anonymous information that includes a unique

user identification and website name. Tracking technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags

and scripts may be used for analyzing trends.

2. Why use Cookies?

The use of cookies offers an improved online experience by storing your data anonymously.

This can take the form of either a ‘session cookie’ that remembers you for a single visit or a

‘persistent cookie’ for multiple visits.

Certain types of cookies are necessary for a website to function effectively. These are called’

essential’ cookies, while those that optimise a website are termed ‘non-essential’ cookies.

3. What do Cookies do?

A cookie allows easy navigation between pages on a website by learning your preferences.

Many cookies are also used to display advertising content more relevant to you, based on

website activity and approximate location.

When cookies are not used a website will view you as a new visitor each time you visit. This

can slow down your online experience, leading to issues such as your login details being

requested repeatedly, and items added to your basket being lost.

Cookies provided by a website you view are termed ‘first party’ cookies, while cookies from

sites displaying content on another website are known as ‘third party’ cookies.

4. What type of Cookies do Viking use?

Essential Cookies

These cookies do not track your internet browsing. They are needed to allow full access to

the website and its vital features, such as secure checkouts or remembering items in your

shopping basket

Performance Cookies

We use performance cookies to improve how the website functions. These allow us to better

understand customer behaviour online, and enable us to optimise your browsing experience

through anonymous statistical data. This includes figures such as the most visited website

pages, and also allows errors to be identified.

Functional Cookies

To offer you a more tailored online experience, these cookies allow the website to learn your

preferences for areas where customisation is available, speeding up your browsing.

Functionality cookie data may be anonymous and will only track browsing activity on our


Targeting or behavioural Cookies

These cookies enable contents to be displayed that are more relevant to you and your

interests, and control the number of times you will see these. They record your visit to the

website, and may share this information with multiple organisations, however this

information will not allow you to be identified personally.

5. How Do I Manage My Cookie Settings?

You have the option of agreeing to the use of cookies that will enable you to use all functions

of the Site without restrictions when visiting our Site. Cookies that are essential, also known

as “strictly necessary” cookies, enable features without which you would not be able to use

the website as intended. The rejection of other cookies may not impact your user experience

and functionality while using the Site.

Your internet browser may offer options for controlling cookies and settings can be changed

to accept, reject all, or block selected cookies. You can also change your browser settings to

notify you whenever a cookie is offered.

Please be aware: Your shopping or browsing experience could be seriously compromised by

blocking or deleting cookies

6. Changes to this Cookie Notice

We may change our Cookie Notice from time to time, to keep it updated or to comply with

legal, business or technical requirements. Any changes to this Notice will become effective

when the updated version is available on or through the Website.

7. Contact us

Any further questions on how we use cookies and similar technologies on our Website? Do

not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to or by writing to us at

the address mentioned in our Privacy Notice.

14 April 2023