The RAJA Group, European leader in the BtoB distribution of packaging, office supplies and industrial equipment, announces a turnover of €1.2 billion for 2021, up by almost 20%. EBITDA rose strongly to €103 million.

In the context of economic recovery and despite strong raw material and price pressures, the RAJA Group achieved record results in 2021. The Group achieved a turnover of 1.2 billion euros, with the acquisition of Viking in November 2021, and an organic growth of 10.5%. This performance once again demonstrates the responsiveness and dynamism of the Group and the strength of its business model.

The Group finalised the acquisition of Viking in November 2021 in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. With JPG, Mondoffice and Kalamazoo acquired in 2019, and now Viking, the RAJA Office business covers 10 countries and becomes a major player in the office supplies and furniture market. “The acquisition of Viking is an important step for the Group, in line with our development and diversification strategy. It confirms our ambition to become the European leader in BtoB e-commerce for office supplies and equipment,” stated Danièle Kapel-Marcovici, President and CEO of the RAJA Group.

Growth Driven by the Economic Recovery and E-commerce Demand

Sales of packaging supplies and equipment grew strongly due to the explosion in online sales and the recovery of industrial production. In 2020, due to the pandemic and home office measures, the office supplies and furniture sales were impacted. These sales picked up in 2021, especially as employees went back to the office. Industrial equipment sales also grew significantly due to an increase in investments and the demand for handling and storage equipment for production sites and logistics centres. The sales of janitorial and sanitary supplies and PPE reached record levels during the pandemic in 2020, and now slightly declined although sales are higher than in 2019.

“I would like to thank all our employees, customers and suppliers. Thanks to their commitment, their efforts and their loyalty, we have achieved a very good performance”, says Danièle Kapel-Marcovici

Reinforcement of the Eco-Responsible Policy

Aware of the responsibility that its leading position entails, the RAJA Group has stepped up its environmental commitment. Currently 60% of the Group’s packaging sales are made of natural materials such as paper and cardboard, and 80% of the plastic packaging sold by the Group is made of recycled and recyclable plastic. The Group aims to achieve a fully recycled and recyclable packaging supply offer by 2025, with the objective of offering its customers complete and innovative eco-responsible solutions. In 2021, several new paper and cardboard products were launched that are 100% recyclable and alternatives to plastic packaging, including a kraft paper pallet wrap and recycled paper bubble wrap.
In France, at the beginning of 2022, RAJA obtained its adhesion to the FRET21 scheme – a process of voluntary commitments by shippers to reduce the impact on the climate of the transport of their products – with an ambitious objective by the end of 2024: to reduce by 28% its CO2 emissions on transport to its customers in France.

Viking – Strategic Priorities and New European Organisation

The RAJA Group is actively starting the integration of Viking in 2022, with the objectives of revitalising the Viking brand, regaining customer service excellence, strengthening the commercial dynamics, and to break even as soon as possible.

To achieve these goals, Viking will be reorganised into three regions: UK/Ireland, Germany/Switzerland/Austria, and Benelux, with a General Management responsible for each region. To develop sales, several projects have been launched: relaunch of the general catalogues, improvement of the websites, relocation of the customer relations centres in each country, launch of new product ranges and purchasing negotiations for all RAJA Office companies. Finally, an international sales organisation has been set up to offer RAJA Office key account customers customised contracts.

Continued Growth Momentum in 2022

In 2022, The RAJA Group will continue its strategy of profitable and responsible development and has set itself an ambitious target of 1,750 million euros in sales. “Our main priority is to satisfy our customers’ needs and maintain the quality of our services in a difficult economic environment. The Group is in good financial health, so we continue to invest in our logistics and digital projects as well as our growth initiatives in all areas, including the exploration of new acquisition opportunities”, says Danièle Kapel-Marcovici.

Changes in the Group’s Executive Committee

The growth of the Group’s international activities and the recent acquisition of Viking have led Danièle Kapel-Marcovici to strengthen and reorganize the Group’s Executive Committee.

Brice KAPELUSZ, previously Managing Director of CENPAC, has become Operational Managing Director of RAJA France.

Nathalie CHAPUSOT, Managing Director in charge of Marketing and Digital strategy for the Group’s companies.

Vincent TERRADOT, Managing Director in charge of RAJA Packaging companies in Europe, as well as Cenpac, Morplan and Udo Bär.

Alain JOSSE, Managing Director in charge of the RAJA Office companies Viking, JPG, Mondoffice, Kalamazoo, Bernard, and Welcome Office.

Christine MABILAT, Managing Director in charge of Human Resources.

Alexandre CHARPY, Managing Director in charge of Administration, Finance and Legal.

At the level of the Group’s Management Committee, Sylvain BERQUET is nominated Managing Director of CENPAC, and Christa FURTER is in charge of the General Management of Viking, under the direction of Alain JOSSE.

About RAJA Group

The RAJA Group is the European leader in multi-channel distribution of business supplies and equipment. Present in 19 countries with 26 companies, RAJA offers the largest range of packaging in Europe as well as a complete range of office supplies and furniture, industrial equipment, janitorial and sanitary supplies and personal protective equipment. The Group’s companies serve more than 2 million customers in Europe, from start-ups to multinationals, in all sectors of activity: distribution, industry, e-commerce, services, and public sector. RAJA is an independent, family-owned French group founded in 1954, and distinguishes itself by the high quality of its products, the excellence of its services, and its close relationship with its customers. The RAJA Group, whose European headquarters are in Roissy near Paris, has 4,500 employees and achieved a turnover of 1 billion 200 million euros in 2021. Created in 2006, the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation also provides financial support for projects that promote the social and economic autonomy of women and girls in France and around the world. Over the past 15 years, the Foundation has supported 576 projects carried out by 312 associations, with a total budget of more than 11 million euros.

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