Throughout October, we sold HP Office paper in different pink wrapping to our Viking and Office Depot customers across EU7 and raised thousands of Euros for charity.

As October is the month for raising awareness of breast cancer, we went live with the Think Pink campaign. It’s the 4th year we are participating in this campaign helping raise money for research and awareness into breast cancer.

Think Pink was founded as a non-profit organisation in March 2018. It’s aimed at improving and accelerating the exchange of information and best practices on health care and research. 1 in 8 women in Europe is affected by breast cancer, and across Europe, local breast cancer organisations, hospitals, support groups and governmental organisations are aiming for the same objective: raising funds, funding research, and raising awareness to tackle breast cancer.

During the campaign, we sold over 200,000 reams of the Think Pink HP paper. The result is a donation of €20,376 to Think Pink to support their research and awareness activities across Europe.

Gijs Raedts – Product Manager for this campaign expressed his thanks: “This is a great achievement and I want to thank all people involved in making this campaign possible! Raising so much money for such a worthy cause is fantastic.”

You can find out more about Think Pink here.